2017 Fiduciary September

Fiduciary September, established in 2012 by the Institute, is the Institute’s annual month-long special recognition of the vital role of fiduciary duties for investors and the capital markets.

In announcing the Fiduciary September 2017 program, Institute President, Knut Rostad, said. “We are proud to again have TD Ameritrade Institutional as the exclusive sponsor of Fiduciary September in this very important year for fiduciary duties, advice and investors. The importance of fiduciary remains front and center in 2017. The DOL Rule is being implemented amidst historic legal and political challenges. Meanwhile, firms are making product and pricing changes to comply. The SEC is requesting additional industry input for a “uniform standard; the new SEC Chairman has spoken clearly of his “limited government” view of fiduciary. Further, the CFP Board has proposed revisions to its standards. Market forces continue to disrupt established advice practices and create new advice opportunities; investor distrust, continues to keep many investors away from advice.”



September 19, 2017  – How fiduciary advisors need to talk so investors (really) listen: Jane Bryant Quinn and Terry Savage, nationally acclaimed personal finance writers, speak out.


August 8, 2017  –  Fiduciary September 2017: Era of Fiduciary Promise Brings Uncertainty With Implementation
August 15, 2017  – CFP Conflicts – CFP Board’s revisions to their standards are a good step, but more needs to be done. Conflicts of interest should be recognized as inherently harmful, and there must be enforcement of standards.
September 6, 2017
  – Broker/Advisor “Titles”: Potential Rulemaking at the SEC: discussion slides (pdf) and webcast replay (registration required)
September 6, 2017  – Luis Aguilar Advisor Titles – Former SEC Commissioner, Luis A. Aguilar, discusses the importance of the SEC using title-based rulemaking to uphold a uniform fiduciary standard in investment advice.
September 7, 2017 – A Debate On The DOL Fiduciary Rule: Affirmative Statement and Rebuttal
September 27, 2017  –  Barbara Roper, Investors’ “Most Fearsome Advocate,” The 2017 Frankel Fiduciary Prize Recipient
September 28, 2017  – Transparency in Financial and Investment Advice – Transparency is essential but insufficient in fiduciary advice, which requires duties of loyalty and due care.


August 28, 2017   –  Walking the Walk



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