2013 Frankel Fiduciary Prize Symposium

Symposium speakers Bob Monks, Ralph Nader, Knut Rostad and Jack
Bogle offer their candid remarks on fiduciary status in 2013,
regulatory shortcomings, and corporate governance.

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View the entire Frankel Fiduciary Prize Symposium
in the videos below.


Knut Rostad kicks off the symposium, relays congratulatory remarks to
Bob Monks from Sir Adrian Cadbury; Bob Plaze introduces Tamar Frankel;
Tamar Frankel introduces fiduciary and Bob Monks.


Skip Schweiss moderates the panel of experts on Capital Gains Research at
50 that includes Rex Staples, Bob Plaze, Ron Rhoades and John Rogers.


Skip Schweiss introduces John C. Bogle and moderates his discussion with
symposium attendees.


Knut Rostad introduces Ralph Nader, who sets the record straight on Bob
Monks and corporate governance.


Luncheon remarks of Alan Lebowitz, Barbara Sleasman, Dallas Salisbury, Nell
Minow and, honoree, Robert A.G. Monks.


About the Frankel Fiduciary Prize

The Institute for the Fiduciary Standard established the Frankel Fiduciary Prize to honor individuals who advance fiduciary principles. The Frankel Fiduciary Prize will be awarded annually to a person who has made significant contributions to the preservation and advancement of fiduciary principles in public life. The prize is named after Professor Tamar Frankel of the Boston University School of Law. The Institute for the Fiduciary Standard announced the Frankel Fiduciary Prize Symposium and the host committee will honor Robert A. G. Monks, the first Frankel honoree, at a Symposium in Washington on December 10.

About Robert Monk

Robert A. G. Monks was appointed a founding trustee of the Federal Employee Retirement System by President Reagan, and also served in the Department of Labor, as Administrator of the Office of Pension and Welfare Benefit programs. He also was a founder of Institutional Shareholder Services, and co-founded The Corporate Library (now Governance Metrics International.) Monks found the Hermes Lens Fund, and has served as a director of twelve publicly traded companies. Monks has authored or co-authored eight books, published more than a hundred papers, and, with Nell Minow, published five editions of CORPORATE GOVERNANCE. He was the recipient of the Award for Outstanding Financial Executive from the Financial Management Association in 2007. The New York Times profiled Monks earlier in July.


  • December 2, 2013 – The Institute releases the final program for the Frankel Fiduciary Prize Symposium event being held on December 10th. Click here to view program.
  • October 31, 2013 – Frankel Fiduciary Prize Symposium Honors Robert A. G. Monks December 10 in Washington (press release)
  • July 21, 2013 – Institute for the Fiduciary Standard announces winner of Frankel Fiduciary Prize (press release)
  • April 23, 2013 – Institute for the Fiduciary Standard establishes Frankel Fiduciary Prize (press release)



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